Call for Doctoral and Masters’ Consortium

CoRI 2016 Doctoral Consortium: Call for Papers

The Doctoral and Masters’ Consortium is a special track of CoRI 2016 dedicated to discussing the works of graduate research students at any stage of their studies. The idea is to provide a forum in which graduate students are provided with particularly constructive feedback about their ongoing projects.

The Consortium aims to:

  • Provide advice and direct feedback from peers and senior researchers to participating authors on their ongoing work
  • Provide forum for detailed, critical, constructive feedback from a diverse panel of experts
  • Provide students with an opportunity to establish a supportive community, of graduate students at a similar stage of their research
  • Initiate a network and discussion forum that will extend beyond CoRI 2016
  • Promote the development of a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research
  • Contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other researchers in the global community.
  • Provide advice on writing a good research project
  • Provide guidance on scholarships, grant-writing, interdisciplinary research and international collaboration

Current graduate students at any stage of their projects are encouraged to submit a 1 to 2-page summary of their ongoing work in form of a structured abstract (maximum of 1,000 words, including figures, tables, and references). As a structured abstract, the submission must make use of the following sub-sections. Each subsection should be as brief as possible

  • Summary (a short abstract of the presentation)- Maximum 100 words)
  • Problem statement: What is the problem that you are addressing?
  • Relevancy: Why is the problem so important? Why should anyone care about it?
  • Background and Related work: In what way(s) have others attempted to address this problem?
  • Research approach/methodology: How are you planning to address the problem statement above? What is the main idea behind your approach? What is the key innovation?
  • Preliminary results: Do you have any preliminary results that demonstrate that your approach is promising?
  • Evaluation plan: How will you measure your success – faster/ more accurate/ less failures/ etc.? What will you measure? What will you compare to?
  • Expected contribution to knowledge: What will be the unique contribution of this research to Computer Science body of knowledge
  • Reflections: Specific research issues for discussion and next steps/future plans
  • References

Submission information

  1. All structured abstracts must be submitted through the EasyChair Conference Management portal,
  2. When submitting your abstract, please select the doctoral consortium track at the submission portal
  3. The submission must be by at most two authors, with the project supervisor being the second author while contributions of  other people can be acknowledged in the paper
  4. Note that all accepted abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings therefore they  must be formatted as a PDF in the standard ACM proceedings template:
  5. For more information about formatting instructions for ACM proceedings, check

Information about accepted papers

  1. Students whose papers are accepted are expected to attend the main conference. Other conference attendees are also encouraged to attend the consortium, to listen to the presentations, to interact with participants, and to give feedback to presenters. More details will be provided in the final conference program
  2. The presentation will be structured as a poster presentation session by the students, followed by collective discussions and  speeches by leading researchers, who will provide their own perspectives on the presentations and  how to best to move towards successful completion of the project.

Best Student Paper Award

The best paper and 2 runner-up awards for the consortium shall be selected by a jury of experts and award will be presented during the Dinner/Award night of the conference

 For more information or further inquiries, please send an email to or
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